About Us

A Modern Day Protest

We never thought that the club would ever be in a place that would make us feel like the Celts for Change days back in 1993/94, but here we are we do feel like that, and it seems we need a Celts for Change 2021 to give the support a voice.


Things are a lot different now as the club are not going to go bust, and we will not be able to remove the owners, but we can let them know that we are all heartbroken and bewildered by recent events.


Some things sadly are just the same, as this board are just as disconnected from the fans as they were back then.


Other things have changed as mobile phones, social media were not around, and the country was not in the midst of a pandemic, so we will need to use what we have available without even leaving the house, to try and send a message to the board that they understand and that is by using modern technology to effect the numbers who follow the club on social media and what we spend with them.


We will try to reduce the numbers using outlets of the club so that the marketing and commercial departments take note.


We will try to reduce the amount of income that the fans give the club


The plan is to use the entitled/season ticket renewal time to make our voices heard


Action Plan


Don’t spend money at the shop, pools, windfall, etc.


Unfollow any official club accounts on twitter,


Unfriend/Unfollow any official Facebook pages


Unsubscribe from official club web sites, shop account, mailing lists


Hold out when season ticket renewals come in until there is change.


We will explain and explore all the ways to do the above, and add any new objectives as we progress.


With some of us working in various NHS hospitals and having members in various parts of Scotland, we thought a online protest would be the only one available to us without leaving the house.